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Here at SoulCEO we are passionate about helping entreprenuers build a profitable business without losing their soul.

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“God first, then family, then business. Period.”

Rachel Pekarek

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Ever feel extra challenged by the hype and pressure in this “dog eat dog,” performance-based, social media highlight reel – society?

Struggling with the lack of congruency and alignment with top leaders on stage because you don’t share the same values?

Looking to connect to the SOUL behind building a massive business?

Do you have a strong desire to honor God WHILE impacting others with your products and opportunity?

This could be PERFECT FOR YOU…


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I resonate with Rachel’s story and she is very easy to listen to. There are episodes that I cry because I just feel her heart when crying out to God for direction in this business. 


My girl Rachel is totally a Rockstar! Every time I turn on the podcast it’s like a personal coaching call from one of the best. Not only do you care about people reaching their potential but more importantly bringing it all back to Christ.


I can’t believe this is FREE. What a blessing to have such a servant-driven leader pour some of her best tips into her audience. I’ve attended events that cost THOUSANDS of dollars for this level of information. THANK YOU!




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Abused. Betrayed. College dropout. Foreclosed upon. Business failure. Overweight. Infertile. Divorced. SINNER.

My resume didn’t add up for a success equation. But I learned early on in life – you have a choice.

Will your circumstances make you BITTER or make you BETTER?

God has truly made a MESSAGE out of my mess, bringing me from a PIT to prominence.

Now, after leading a team that has done nearly $200,000,000 in revenue in the last decade – I want to share with you my success hacks. But first…


How Our Pain is Profitable to God

How Our Pain is Profitable to God

"I pity the person who lives an easy, pain-free life." I think I utter that phrase at least 1-2x per month. You know the person. They’ve somehow managed to glide through life without so much as a superficial scratch or faint bruise on their behind. But you spend any...