Exploding Your MicroCelebrity Brand on Instagram (2022 Update)

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Looking to grow your Instagram Reach? Check out these 4 top tips…

For the first decade of building my MicroCelebrity brand online, I focused primarily on Facebook (and actually quite a bit in the beginning on YouTube). 

But I noticed the growth of Instagram as a platform the last couple of years and finally I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

After years of struggling with no followers, no engagement, and no growth… (and NO SALES) to nearly 30,000 followers and making over 100 sales just int he last 6 months, I’ve realized a few things that I had to share!

Instagram MicroCelebrity Branding Tip #1


One of the biggest mistakes I made for years (and I see 99% of marketers making on IG) is having an unfocused or an extremely broad niche. This was something widely taught (even by me) SMH.

What’s a niche? A niche market is a segment of a larger market that can be defined by its own unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large. (Source: Shopify.com)

Posting about a million different things doesn’t differentiate your account, make you stand out, and confuses your followers and potential buyers. 

And going too BROAD with your niche doesn’t speak to a targeted group of people who’s problems you could certainly solve with your products/services. 

Here’s an example of an unfocused niche (bad):

Fitness, fashion, faith, coffee, investing, your essential oil business, travel, weight loss, plus some pics of your pup.

With this approach your feed becomes a nudge lodge of “who cares” and “so what” to 99% of your potential followers. Don’t do this.

Instead: pick one niche, and hyper focus!

Here’s some examples of hyper focused niches:

  • Faith-based Social Media Coach
  • Homeopathy and Holistic Remedies for Dogs
  • Postpartum Weight Loss Tips for Moms Who Hate the Gym
  • I help busy parents make homeschooling their kids fun without the overwhelm!
  • Fashion finds for mature (50+) women

Yes, you may have a million interests. I get it so do I.

Instead, weave those personality traits, hobbies, and interests into your IG stories tot show a “behinds the scenes” view of your life so that you audience can build rapport with you.

But for your posts, feed, and reels? Solve the problems, educate or entertain to ONE specific niche.

Instagram MicroCelebrity Branding Tip #2

Get inspired

Follow at least 25-50 trending or successful accounts in a similar niche. I heard somebody call this a “niche neighbor” – how cute. 

Study them. Look at their content. Look at their frequency of posting, their posts types, their captions, hashtags and styles. Look at the comments their followers leave and the questions they ask.

Don’t copy!

Don’t plagiarize! EVER.

But get inspired to add value on YOUR profile with your unique voice and attributes in similar fashions.You don’t want to mimic anybody else. People will follow you for you and be attracted to who you are and your style. 


Instagram MicroCelebrity Branding Tip #3

Don’t overlook aesthetics

I’ve played around a bit lately with my brand feel and colors… even changing different graphics in my feed. Although it’s not necessary to have a perfect Instagram grid, creating a theme with similar colors and fonts can help your profile stand out and build more brand awareness.

When I went away from my standard color profile, my feed looked chaotic and unprofessional.

Definitely invest some time choosing a color palette and stick to that feel. Pick a few fonts that you love and use them repeatedly on your posts. 


Instagram MicroCelebrity Branding Tip #4

Create reels consistently

Instagram is still heavily favoring short form video (to compete with Tiktok). People love consuming them so they prioritize the content.

  • Learn reels.
  • Practice them.
  • Create them.
  • Master them.

My account grows the fastest when I’m producing high quality reels weekly.

You don’t have to dance or lip synch. Even better if you speak straight to camera. That’s where I’m noticing the trends in 2022 moving to.



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