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After failing forward for many years, I found myself at the top of my compensation plan and am currently leading a team doing 8-figures a year in revenue. Because of Network Marketing (and God’s favor) I’ve been able to earn an extraordinary income, live debt free, travel all over the world, and work from home for over a decade.

Young, immature and impressionable, I made a lot of mistakes and followed a ton of poor (and even spiritually dangerous) advice. Over the last 6+ years I have made a dramatic shift, seeking God, studying the Word feverishly and making a standard to put God first in all that I do. I still make mistakes and I’m still learning.

My hope and prayer is that you learn from my own failings and become keenly aware of the pitfalls ahead of you so that you may pass by them spiritually unscathed.” – An exerpt

– Rachel Pekarek

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