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How you view God and how you view yourself impacts every other relationship, decision, and moment in your life. It’s time to make it right and make it biblical

In Identity (a SoulCEO Bible Study), I will walk you through the Word of God step-by-step to completely reframe, retool, and rebuild your identity on The Rock of Jesus Christ.

Beat imposter syndrome, dampen worry, grow closer to God, see Him for who He really is, and remove any of the distractions and limitations Satan has put in your path.

These 4 lessons I’ve personally used in my quiet time to help unshackle the bondage of people pleasing, scars of betrayal and abuse, and create a “Godfidence” that has allowed me to walk bolder for the Kingdom.

    do you ever struggle with…

    Imposter Syndrome

    The ever nagging feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.


    Striving for flawlessness, fixating on the imperfections and building an endless “report card” of accomplishments

    Spiritual Attacks

    You feel anxious and self-defeating. All these lies in your head… where did they come from? Why is Satan attacking you so much?

    Lack of Faith

    You still can’t quite trust God to make things right in your life, you question if He is BIG ENOUGH to take care of you and make things work out for good…


    Wondering what your life purpose should be, why you were created and your identity in Christ seems like a mystery?

    if so: identity… is for you!



    In Identity you’ll learn 4 lessons to understand the nature of God, how He has created us, and how quiet the lies of Satan and amplify the promises of the Father!

      here’s what you’ll learn…

      Lesson 1 – Intro + When Identity Becomes Idolatry

      Let us unpack the current set of self-limiting and (eek) God-limiting beliefs we hold onto so dearly. We will discover where they came from and if they are possibly holding an idolatrous place that will grieve the Holy Spirit and damage our faithwalk.

      Lesson 2 – Who is He? (God)

      Who IS God the Father? Who is Jesus Christ? Who IS the Holy Spirit? Here we will discuss the proper Biblical view of God versus the worldly view. This scripture-packed lesson will challenge your current understanding and deepen your love and reverance for the Savior.

      Lesson 3 – Who is he? (Satan) + the lies we believe

      What if I told you that a majority of thoughts that plague you, foster worry, explode your anxiety and crush all of your potential…are absolutely boldface lies! In this lesson we will see what the Word says about Satan, his minions and what power/precedence he has over us (if any).

      Lesson 4 – Who does He say I am?

      We will complete identity with a monster class on who the Bible says we are. The paradoxical view of ourselves in complete humility will challenge the toxic self-care, self-love movement that is permeating society today. See how to balance your identity in Christ to find greater faith, eternal perspective and more peace.

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