(gasp! I know…details below!)

Deleting Instagram

It’s come to this…

“I never see your posts anymore!”
“I think you’ve been shadowbanned!”
“I follow you but I have to search for your profile to even see your content!”

Everday. This is what my DM’s look like.

After nearly 2 years of trying to remove the unwarranted, harsh flags IGput on my 30k+ following IG account, I’ve exasperated all my options.

In my research I’ve found that typical account violations will fall off after a few weeks or couple of months.

It is now certain the type of “flag” I’ve received from sharing TRUTHFUL, EXPOSING content on @soulceo is indeed permanent.

After many weeks of backing up thousands of images, videos, and captions… I’ve made the tough call to start a new…

More importantly: I want you to know here I’m going and when my new account is launching.

Fill out the form below because soon you won’t be able to find me on IG under @soulceo but a new alias. (I will also be updating my Facebook, Telegram and Linktree with the details.)

Instagram VIP’s:

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