After leading a team that had done over 9-figures in just 4 years… I became a big disenchanted with the culture in the Network Marketing space. 

In 2015, I decided to start over with a new Network Marketing Opportunity but to redefine what it FELT like to be inside this business.

Everyone Matters. Everything Matters.

Team Heart’s mission is to positively impact the world with love, care, acceptance and mentorship.

Our vision to impact 1,000,000 lives with our cutting edge scientifically-backed activated nutritionals and help 1,000 families become debt free/autonomous so they can do what they want, when they want, where they want …with WHO they want to do it with.

Team Heart has done nearly $200,000,000 in revenue in the last decade, impacting hundreds of thousands of people on a healthy journey.

Our success is based on 3 things (beyond the unbelievable, unmerited favor from God)…

    1. Exceptional products
    2. Simple, proven systems
    3. World class training 

We’ve partered with a stable, debt-free comapny (no risky start-ups) that has a diverse line of anti-aging, total wellness, gut health, energy/focus, and personal care lines.

The products are so good, non-toxic, affordable, backed by patents… that people buy regardless of a comp plan (customer-rich!).




Whether you’re looking for a new home or this is your first time starting a Network Marketing venture… I want to make sure you find the BEST FIT POSSIBLE.

Both the company (products, comp plan, leadership) and the upline/sponsor support that you choose.

I love the fact that you stumbled across the page, but before you click on to apply to work together, I want to make sure we aren’t wasting each others time.

The Type of Person We’re Looking For:

  • Someone who loves people
  • Someone who is coachable
  • Someone who is willing to put in HARD work
  • Someone with integrity
  • Someone who has a passion for health/science
  • Someone who is interested in developing themselves as a leader and equipping others to lead as they learn.

Our system works. $300,000,000+ in sales to prove it. You don’t need experience (but that can obviouly help!) but what you’ll need is work ethic, willingness and self-motivation.

If that sounds like you and you’re ready to uplevel your business… let’s go further down the rabbit hole.


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