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Rachel Pekarek, founder of SoulCEO™, built organizations of over 300,000+ people spanning the globe in 15+ International Markets. 

After reaching the top of two separate companies and building a 9-figure Network Marketing team, Rachel brings her insights along with superstar guests who are on the cutting edge of marketing, entrepreneurship and spiritual/personal growth.

Uplevel your mindset, expand your skillset, and step into new heights of leadership at Rachel discusses the hot topics of building a profitable business… without losing your soul.

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I resonate with Rachel’s story and she is very easy to listen to. There are episodes that I cry because I just feel her heart crying out to God for direction in this business. And content wise, she hits the very important topics for network marketers – mindset, the strategies, and also our attitude in general in how we appraoch the business. Network Marketing is a different ball game and hearing Rachel talk about it in different angles helps me connect the puzzle pieces of network marketing.



Rachel! I LOVE YOUR ENERGY! I so appreciate the fearless way you share and pour out love! Thank you for being so open and hoenst and most of all REAL. I’m learning so much as I listen but I am also filling my soul! I feel so ready to go out and serve after I hear your podcast. Love love love you!

Jennifer Roth


My girl Rachel is a total rockstar! Every time I turn on the podcast it’s like a personal coaching call from one of hte best. Not only do you care about people reaching their full potential but more importantly bringing it all back to Christ! Absolutely love you Rachel, thank you for all you do!



Absolutely love your standards, ideas, and willingness to help everyone at every level! You are an inspiration.



The amount of information that Rachel gives away FOR FREE is mind-blowing. What a blessing to have such a servant-driven leader pour some of her best tips into her audience. I’ve attended ents that cost THOUSANDS of dollars for this level of information. THANK YOU!



So good we are giving Hope to Others!

Ama Ruth


Absolutely amazing value! You can tell Rachel has put the time and work in to having more than influence, she’s here to make an impact!



Spending 2 hours in my car for my main work, I have time for self development. This podcast has quickly become one of my faves. Rachel is a force to be reckoned with and I love her witty responses to haters. As if there’s even any reason for someone to not love her. I recently joined Team Heart, which Rachel leads, and even though I was scared at first, I’m so happy I took the leap of faith.

Jessica Nuckols



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