Word on The Street

“I first came across Rachel in 2012 online. It was clear to me that she was the gold standard and since then I have followed her closely.

I was then fortunate enough to be at a high level mastermind in Vegas where I witnessed her completely blow away thousands with her strategies for greatness on social media.

She treats everyone like a someone and I’m super happy to call her a friend.”

Frazer Brookes

Network Marketing Trainer

“I’ve had the honor of calling Rachel a dear friend for the last two years. Our values of God, Family, Business were aligned from the start. Her willingness of being humble, an incredible leader to her team, and inspiration to everyone who embraces her presence is a true gift.

Any opportunity you have to work with Rachel personally whether that be in her business or participating in one of her value-driven programs is an absolute no brainer.

Stop thinking about it…reach out to Rachel today to see how she can guide you to a fulfilling, meaningful and impactful life.”


Network Marketing Trainer

“She isn’t just that good.

No really, she is one of the few leaders that every person I have ever met says she isn’t just good, she’s incredible.

Rachel has this unique ability with connecting instantly with others. She has this leadership style where she balances strong humility along with tough love to help get you results that so few can.

Rachel truly knows how to empower others to become the best versions of themselves. She is not only a great friend but one of the few leaders that lives what she teaches. I’m proud to follow her. “

Rob Sperry

Network Marketing Trainer

“I’ve had the pleaure of working with Rachel since 2011 and this woman continues to amaze me daily.

Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, insane focus, work ethic, great personality and deep desire to ehlp other people have a last change and success is so incredible to watch.

She is consistently learning, growing an dteaching. This woman has an amazing future ahead of her as a top coach as she’s already soared to the heights of our profession.

I’m honored to have Rachel in my life as a friend, leader and mentor!””


7-Figure Networker

“Rachel is an outstanding and exemplary leader in the netwrok marketing profession.

She has the ability to inspire people becaue of her amazing work ethic and tendency to adapt, change and persist until the work is done.

We admire Rachel because she never settles for good and strives for great and demands the same of the people she coaches.

You would be lucky to have Rachel help you create your success!”

Masa Cemazar + Miguel Montero

Network Marketing Trainer

“Rachel Pekarek is an amazing leader and a shining example of the ‘new ” bread of network marketing professionals.

She is incredibly savvy at using social media and online marketing to extend her reach and leverage her time, enabling her to help more people achieve their dreams — while keeping the focus where it needs to be — on relationships.

What Rachel has accomplished in certainly impressive but what has really impressed me most about her is what she has helped others achieve.

As a mentor, teacher or coach – she makes those around her better. She loves to see people win and loves helping them do it.

Lisa Grossman

7-Figure Networker

“Rachel is a breath of fresh air in the world of MLM. Like us, she believes in building a modern business in a modern way based on traditional principles.

She has had incredible success herself and so have her downline and now her clients. It’s been amazing to watch from the sidelines.

In the coaching space, I trust my clients with a small handful of people who have their best interest at heart and who teach stuff that actually works. And not stuff that’ll just keep you busy in activity, I mean making actual life changing results.

Rachel is one of those people.”


Network Marketing Trainer

I’ve known Rachel for the past 12 years in many different compacities.

From mentor, boss, and dear friend, they are all equally valued. I also had the utmost pleasure to be her live in assistant for a few years.

Her passion to help people succeed does not stop when she walks off stage. (She’s just as humble (and funny) at the dinner table as she is teaching in front of thousands.) Her hunger to lead is an understatement.

Rachel’s passion, drive and desire to see individuals succeed is felt through her teachings.

She’s taught me how to be a successful entrepreneur and so many valuable life lessons that I continue to implement in my coaching practice.

I am eternally grateful I learned from a servant driven, God centered, woman of faith. Thank you of answering the call, Rach!”

Angie Heiman

Christian Life Coach

Rachel is the epitome of a team player as well as a true leader – she speaks from experience and is always willing to help teach and train her whole industry.

I’ve taken her first course and it elevated the way I approached my business-and what do you know?

My business grew!

She’s one of the most grounded, balanced & wise network marketing trainers out there – a true asset to the network marketing community!”

Dr. Shaun McKee

M.D. + 6-Figure Networker

Testimonials from Rachel’s #TeamHeart Teamies

“I’ve been honored to work with Rachel since 2012.

She is not only a rockstar network marketing industry leader, but an incredible trainer.

I’ve watched her climb the ranks of two companies while always bringing the most cutting edge, new school tactics to our team.

Rachel continues to develop herself daily so that she can pour into others and help them grow in their own path. She is alwasy giving back and truly loves the Lord.

Calling her my mentor and close friend is a huge blessing.”

Erika Dale

6-Figure Networker

In 2016 I selected Rachel as my sponsor and mentor. It was a big decision. I looked at many other leaders in my current company. She stood out!

This decision turned out to be the best I could ever have hoped for. Rachel has been instrumental in my growth as a leader. She’s been a friend when I needed a friend, a mentor when I needed direction and an accountability partner when I’ve needed correction.

The difference between Rachel and many other leaders is that she walks her talk. She knows the way, shows the way and most importantly goes the way herself. She’s consistent.

She’s always learning and teaching what she’s learnt and this empowers her leaders. Her love for God stands out as she is unapologetic about it and I love that! She is an all round good person and a good friend who loves and cares about people! I’m forever grateful for the impact that she’s had in my business and my personal life.


6-Figure Networker

I have worked with amazing leaders in my role as CEO, but Rachel is one of the most outstanding leaders ever.

She is a heart driven, authentic leader, mentor and coach with unprecedented drive. The combination of these skills along with a genuine desire to support her team, are what make her so unique.

Rachel’s ability to grow, lead, motivate and support her team is extraordinary.

I am blessed this wonderful CEO is a part of my life and I deeply appreciate our friendship and all she does for our global team.”

Beata Koropatwa

Philanthropist + 6-Figure Networker

Rachel has been my mentor for over 15 years now and still continue to learn from her. She is not only my mentor but she is also my daughter. Crazy, huh???

Being in business with family can be tough, but watching her grow and succeed has been such a gift. 

She is genuine, sincere, creative and has a great sense of humor! I may be bias, but she’s the best trainer I’ve ever heard. I never get tired listening to her share her wisdom with us.

What has really encouraged me and my organization to be so glued to her coaching and trainings, is that she is very innovative with the changing times! Truly a step ahead with new content and ideas.

Love that she is rock solid with her Faith and Love for Jesus. 

Love you Rach. You are truly a gem!”

Patty Rottmann

6-Figure Networker

When I started my Network Marketing journey I was like a fish out of water and had no idea what I was doing but I was doing it!

Thankfully I had an amazing mentor and leader in my upline who reached out and helped guide me with love, understanding, hard truth and unwavering support.

This amazing human was SoulCEO’s one and only Rachel Pekarek. With in no time not only was she my mentor but also a great friend.

Her heart is huge, her knowledge is honestly way beyond her years but still she brings a fun, truthful, quirky heart filled way of always helping I am thankful that she was brought into my life!

Tanya Rae Plante

Equine Expert + 6-Figure Networker

When I started my Network Marketing journey I was like a fish out of water and had no idea what I was doing but I was doing it!

Thankfully I had an amazing mentor and leader in my upline who reached out and helped guide me with love, understanding, hard truth and unwavering support.

This amazing human was SoulCEO’s one and only Rachel Pekarek. With in no time not only was she my mentor but also a great friend.

Her heart is huge, her knowledge is honestly way beyond her years but still she brings a fun, truthful, quirky heart filled way of always helping I am thankful that she was brought into my life!

Josie Tong

Retired Nurse + 6-Figure Networker

I never had great success until I have met Rachel Pekarek almost 2 years ago during my darkest moments in our industry.

This was the time that I have moved to a new company under her leadership giving it a try one more time. The first time I met her was watching her SoulCEO 90 day run training in where I got so much value of. 

Her systems, coaching calls, & support groups have really made an impact on me & my current team that helped us created hundred thousands in sales & ranked the top distributor in a brand new market here in New Zealand.

You might be struggling right now in your business or even thinking if this industry is still for you, don’t worry it is not your fault. You may just need a New Generational leader like Rachel with extraordinary leadership & a higher level coaching to make this year your best year yet.


Nurse + 6-Figure Networker

When I met Rachel in 2015, I was brand new to Network Marketing.

I was overcoming a panic disorder, and agoraphobia.

My Enroller had to step away temporarily while dealing with personal life. Rachel stepped in to support guide and lift me through those first awkward weeks. She was full of energy and light and love and I was so overwhelmed by everything I was learning.

She took the time to learn me. She loved into me and led me where I was at.

She is a generous, genuine l, Godly Woman and I love her. She has never given up on any of us, even when life sent her some waves.

To work with Rachel is a life changer.

Melissa Boschman

Working Mom + Networker

I have known Rachel for 5 years and for some of that time I have been honoured and privileged to be personally mentored by her.

Her knowledge of the Network Marketing Industry is only surpassed by her desire to love, support and grow other leaders and help them to become 6 and 7 figure earners.

Her coaching and mentoring is not only valuable but a necessity for anyone who wants to learn how to become not only a better leader but a success in this industry.

Her worldclass training systems are second to none and easy to follow.

Rachel has one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever had the good fortune to meet. She is fun, enthusiastic and energetic and whilst highly successful and experienced, she always has time to listen and help others.

I am truly blessed to be able to call her my friend and mentor.

Susan Young

Full Time Networker

Rachel is the kind of person you look at and say, “Whatever she has, I want that,” and I’m certain it’s because of how she exemplifies Jesus in her business, marriage, relationships and to her team.

Her mentoring over the last 5.5 years has helped me to be in the top 100 leaders on our team, building my business primarily through Instagram and Facebook. The systems she’s created makes it easy for anyone to plug in and find success. She is wise beyond her years.

She extends grace where it isn’t deserved and matches that with tough love that pushes people closer to Jesus and ultimately, better leaders. 

She’s a true ambassador of what a Christ-like leader in business is. She is someone who leaves everyone who comes into contact with her (even if for just a brief moment) a better version of themselves. I am so proud, honored and blessed to call Rachel one of my bestfriends and mentor. It has been one of the most life changing decisions I’ve ever made.

Tihane Dekneef

Dogmom + Networker

Rachel Pekarek is the epitome of the ideal leader.

She is a student of some of the best names in leadership and she shares her knowledge and wisdom from that coaching, from her wins, and from her losses to help others succeed.

Rachel is caring when I need her to be and she brings tough love when I need a good kick. I don’t want someone who is going to tolerate my excuses…I want someone who is going to lovingly speak truth and give me what I need to hear.

She wants what is best for those she is leading regardless of how it makes her look.

I have worked with a lot of professionals, executives, CEOs, and coaches in my career and there is nobody that ranks as highly as her in my book. Her skills and abilities, knowledge and wisdom, character, and friendship…are unparalleled.”

Jason Graf

Corp Exec + Networker

First off… if you are a Christian with an entrepreneurial bone in your body but just not sure how you blend the two …you are in the right place!

Rachel has been my coach, mentor & friend for over 4 years now. She has taught me how to shine FOR Christ & earn money instead of hiding my heart for the dollar.

Additionally Rachel is one of my most fave humans on earth!

She is not only wicked smart, creative, compassionate, fun, & successful but she’s always at least 5 chapters ahead of the masses!

She has not only taught me how to succeed in business here on earth, more importantly she’s taught me how to store up treasures in heaven! I’m forever grateful for her bold leadership!

Kristin Richards

Full-time Networker

I have been blessed to work with Rachel Pekarek for years.

Her leadership and mentorship have been pivotal in my personal life and business.

Because Rachel is consistently building her own massive 7 figure business, she is highly knowledgeable with current systems and techniques that really work to increase your business month after month.

She is a spirit-filled and heart-driven servant leader who operates with integrity, walks the walk, and leads by example.

I cherish our friendship and highly recommend partnering with Rachel to increase your personal and professional success.

Laura Christensen

Direct Seller + Networker

There was no question I had found a true and rare opportunity once I was on the phone with Rachel.

The products were working and I desperately needed a new start with good people while making new income to overcome debt from a recent divorce!

Needless to say I said yes and have truly been blessed by the availability to resources and systems that work that Rachel has built!

We love Rachel and Tony and are grateful to consisted them family

Erik Richards

Corporate Account Manager + Networker

“I was so lucky when joining my first network marketing company that I landed in Rachel’s team. I feel so proud to be a part of the Team Heart and be directly led and mentored by her.

Not only that she’s taught me how to be authentic and even become a MicroCelebrity online, but also how to be a servant leader.

People and helping people overcome hurdles and have breakthroughs is always her number one priority.

Our team is lead by LOVE where everything and everyone matters. “


WAHM, Blogger + Networker

“I’ve worked with Rachel 10+ years now.

I’ve grown from someone with a negative mindset about pretty much everything to someone who always sees the best in every situation, and I credit that to both Rachel’s coaching and her example.

Rachel doesn’t tell you to do things she would never do, she models the behavior and shows you how to do it too.

She is really quite incredible at creating tools to make difficult things into a manageable project.

My only regret is that I didn’t find Rachel and her mentorship sooner.”


Business Owner + Networker

As a kinesiologist and nutritionist I thought I knew it all, or most of it.

But having a massive health scare myself and then being blessed with new born twins landed me on my butt! Physically, mentally and financially.

Rachel has not only helped me grow in my business, but in all areas of my life.

She cares about me and my family on a friendship basis. She is always open to share any time and info. She mentors when I need it and helps develop tools and systems that work and anyone can show up to do!

Amber White

Health Pro + Networker

Rachel is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

She’s down to earth and engaging. Her spirit and her heart show in her actions every time I see her. She loves people with her whole heart!

Her leadership and dedication to her team goes far beyond her responsibility as our leader. She goes above 100% every time.

She’s real and authentic in her interactions with people. I love listening to her life lessons and knowledge that she so willingly shares.

Rachel encompasses all of what Team Heart is! I’m so grateful and blessed to be a part of this family.

Jennifer Roth

Teacher + Networker

Raving Reviews from #SoulCEO Bible Studies


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