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“Some of the biggest mentors in my life, I never actually met. I studied them. I bought every course. I consumed every bit of info they put out. They changed my life forever and never even knew it.”

– Rachel Pekarek


trending now – ★★

Instagram Academy

Learn how to build a MicroCelebrity following on IG! Build your profile, define your niche, and how to create compelling, viral content to attract your Perfect Prospect.

  • How to set up your profile
  • What to post and how often
  • The art of “Selling on Stories”
  • How to close without 10k followers
  • Hashtags demystified

…and more!

what’s working now…

MicroCelebrity™ – Facebook Secrets

Learn how to build a MicroCelebrity following on Facebook. What worked 5 years ago is OBSOLETE today!  In this course, Rachel will give you a simple DMO (daily method of operation) to connect with 5-20+ new prospects per day.

  • How to set up your profile
  • Personal profiles vs. business
  • Leveraging Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Video 101: Lives + Reels
  • Closing via messenger
  • Plus, she will share her *private* customer funnel that’s added over 30,000+ people to Rachel’s team.


lead so others will follow

Magnetic Leadership™

Network Marketing is leadership and leadership is influence. Nothing more and nothing less. When you tap into the 1% secrets of how to become SO magnetic that others will flock to follow you… the possibilities are endless!

Not only will you attract more teamies but you will raise up more leaders and keep more distributors on your team with this education!

  • Stepping into the role of a Leader
  • The Five E’s of Leadership
  • How to build UNSHAKEABLE culture on your team
  • Leading with HEART, not selfish ambition
  • and more!

clarity, vision and strategy

Goal Setting Mastery

Stuck at what goals to set? Can’t seem to put your vision into ACTION? Are you destroyed by your downhill (unproductive) habits?

For years (nearly every January) I set goals with the intention to slay them… only to fall off the wagon by February 1 – if I was that lucky.

Until I learned 3 simple tricks that helped me become a Goal. Setting. MASTER!

connect + influence

The Color Voices™

Join Rachel and her biggest mentor – her father – Laurence Seybold, the founder of Think3 as they break down the secrets to:

  • Incredible interpersonal relationships
  • Instantaneous rapport with strangers
  • Reducing friction with teamies
  • Motivating and equipping others based on their “hardwiring”
  • …and more!

This is FAR beyond a static “personality” training. Rachel and Laurence will teach you how to quickly identify and discern the voices people are using. 


Download my exposé on what I WISH I had known about building in this industry before I joined...!